While some people were on vacation, the press office of the SkyWay Group of Companies was working. This has resulted in image publications in various Belorussian and international publications.

Office life

Steven Seagal took a Skyway transport ride – a famous actor, accompanied by his wife and powerlifter Kirill Shimko, have tried the SkyWay transport. According to the actor, such projects, which aim at making the world a better place, and at encouraging as many people around the world to see the existing problems as we do (a quote from the interview), were the main reasons for his visit to EcoTechnoPark.

Transport of the Future: First in the UAE, then Worldwide – the Dubai Sky Pods project was featured in the story. It was presented by the Dubai Ministry of Transport (RTA) together with specialists from CJSC “String Technologies”. The presentation of the new public transport mode caused a stir at the UAE World Government Summit.

Soyuznoe Veche

Steven Seagal: Тhey have torn us with their hospitality like cat toy – material about the cultural program of Stephen Seagal during his visit to Belarus at the invitation of the «Belorussian Schwarzenegger» Kirill Shimko.

Atlas Magazine

Green transport solutions – infographics, which describes the advantages of the string transport, created by Anatoliy Yunitskiy.

On air

EcoFest 17.08 – invitation to the EcoFest 2019 and details of the event concept.

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