In March 2020, the employees of Unitsky String Technologies Cowere trained at the intensive course on the modern theory of Inventive Problem Solving (MTRIZ), led by Professor Mikhail Orlov. After the theoretical classes in the hall of the President Hotel in Belarus, the students of the course started project practice, but already in online mode.

The Head of the SkyWay Information Service Mikhail Kirichenko talked to Professor Mikhail Orlov and got to know how the classes are being conducted, and what results the specialists of Unitsky String Technologies Co. show.

Mikhail Kirichenko:
Mikhail Aleksandrovich, two months have already passed after the end of the introductory lectures at «President Hotel » in Minsk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see you in our city now because of the virus. On the other hand, the second part of the training is a distant one, according to plan and methodology. We know that our specialists have already «crossed the equator» of the entire training program. How do you assess its progress?

Mikhail Orlov:
Mikhail Viktorovich, thank you for arranging the interview. That keeps you on the toes, as you have to formulate answers that would be interesting to the site visitors and partners of the SkyWay project.

In short, I am very satisfied working with your specialists. We have indeed reached the finish line of the whole program, despite the fact that the students, as I call all the participants of the training, are very busy. The main thing is that the skill of modeling and solving TRIZ problems is growing right before your eyes. Almost half of the participants have already submitted certification works and will be certified. And these works fully represent the creative search of the company’s specialists, their achievements and real know-how, which does not exist and cannot exist in any other company of the world, as they create technical solutions for the development of completely new technical designs. And all that is not for advertising, but for practical implementation.

Are there any secrets to this rapid growth of students’ skills?

Yes, there certainly are some secrets. The first secret is the qualified youth, and their young people’s professional knowledge, which is the basis of any, and all the more, engineering creativity. The second secret is the Modern TRIZ methodology. Here are my books, published in over 20 years. By the way, on the covers of the main ones, you can see illustrations to the concept of Unitsky String Transport. All that, as well as the software, is being applied in the training. And all is done on the same standard models.

Standardization of training and project information representation is our main «secret », which is detailed in all my books. Indeed, the students see equally presented patterns and models in the software, in the book, in handouts, in modeling samples. A fragment of the standard representation of the process of creating a new idea can be seen on a scan of one of the students’ works.

The creative power is in thinking discipline and methodological standard! So, no time is wasted on «recognition» where and what is written, but there is immediate penetration into the content of the problem and the process of its solution. There are many advantages to that. Generally speaking: MTRIZ defines the discipline of creative thinking, particularly engineering project thinking.

Mikhail Alexandrovich, are there any specifics of working with students of our company compared to many others, where you have had the opportunity to conduct training? After all, you have taught students all over the world!

Of course, it is easier for me to work in my native city of Minsk in my native language, even if this work is now has to be conducted remotely from Berlin. But there is also a deeper difference. I have seen and see many talented motivated students in different countries. Usually, they are employees of large companies, where the proportion of young people is smaller than in SkyWay. And in your company, where I was invited by Anatoli Eduardovich to, I saw a team, dedicated to designing the future of the world. It’s an unusual feeling when you understand that these young people are designing new realities with their talent, persistence, knowledge and creativity. And they are not only designing, but also building both in Maryina Gorka and in Sharjah! And they also find time to work on the MTRIZ project. Dozens, hundreds of works by students come especially intensively in the evening, as well as on weekends and holidays. This is how you should work to bring the future closer!

Mikhail Alexandrovich, I see in your hands a watch presented to you by the management of our company. What time does it show?

Mikhail Viktorovich, this watch is very symbolic for me. We started our project with it in «President Hotel», and now it is on the wall in my office. And there is Anatoli Eduardovich’s autograph on it! Yes, truly, it’s time for Unitsky String Transport. And meanwhile, we all have to solve numerous design, production and operation tasks every day and find creative ideas to solve them. By the way, the processes of informing the general public also require a lot of creativity. In TRIZ, there are also relevant directions for that. Perhaps, the time has already come to start training specialists from different countries to master the principles of the string systems organization, their design, application, operation and adaptation to regional conditions. Modern TRIZ here too will bring considerable use.

Mikhail Alexandrovich, what would you wish our specialists at the finish of the project?

I would wish the same things I was saying at the lectures and writing in the mailing lists, where I address the students not only with instructions, but also with certain motivational thoughts. Dear colleagues, this whole world was invented and built by engineers. You are also engineers. And in SkyWay, you are specifically creating ideas for systemic growth for the planet’s future transportation arteries as a single organism that shouldn’t have «clots» and « collapses» on the road. We need roads that connect the best places to live with other similar places, perhaps for machine, workshop, forestry and field works; as well as with major cities, where we will have access to some other, most likely, cultural facilities: theaters, museums, stadiums. Cargos cannot but be transported between all points on the Planet. We need other transport routes: safe, high-speed ones, organized into rational intellectual systems. That is all being developed in SkyWay today. And it all requires talent and systematic, creative design. Talent is given from above. And creative engineering can be carried out with Modern TRIZ. TRIZ has tools for talent. Master these tools!

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