Belarusian business magazine Office Life has published an article about the SkyWay transport, which can reach speeds of 500 km/h. The material about the tests of «the mule», a test version of the high-speed unibus, brought to the EcoTechnoPark before the Ecofest 2019, was placed first in the printed version of the publication, and then published on the website.

The high-speed transport is the most ambitious project of SkyWay Technologies Co.: fabulous, streamlined, futuristic, with unique aerodynamic characteristics. Today it is even closer to the launch of serial production. And we can’t help telling you about it.

This Unibus was first shown in Berlin at InnoTrans 2018, where it attracted a large number of visitors. Sure! Able to accelerate up to 500 km/h and provide high passenger traffic, it is 5 times cheaper than its railroad or airborne counterparts.

The article about the string transport was published this time in the environmental issue of Office Life No. 4 (16) 2019. The mention of the achievements of the SkyWay Group of Companies in the framework of the conversation about the close connection of technology with the environment is another reason to pay attention to alternative ways of solving existing transport problems.


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