SkyWay specialists told about the future of high-tech industry in the new issue of the OnAir onboard magazine. The authors have compiled a list of major innovations that may affect our lives in the coming years. Here are some of them: internet of things, machine training, VR technologies, etc.

In the final part of the article, the authors also discussed how high technology can interact with the string transport:

«These transport systems also fit seamlessly into the logic of the development of the Internet of things, provide full data collection, intelligent technological support and transfer of part of the management solutions. For this purpose, Unitsky String Technologies Co. uses the platform «3D Experience». It allows all design bureaux to work simultaneously on a complete and detailed 3D model of the project by means of VR, to make all necessary changes, to prepare technical documentation, to create instructions to automated machine tools and even to make orders for purchasing necessary parts for the production.»

You can read the full version of the article, following the link. You can get to know more about the SkyWay transport on the page Technology.


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