The website of one of the main Russian business publications «Kommersant» has released the material with the results of work achieved by the SkyWay company-developer Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. in 2020. We offer a brief summary of this text.

Main achievement of 2020

According to Nadezhda Kosareva, General Director of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc., the company’s main achievement was the transition to mass production and open sales in the international market.

In 2020, the 400-meter light track was completed in the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah. That means that next year, the company will be able to offer the Middle Eastern market the ready transport systems adapted to work in hot climate.

Preparing for serial production

In 2020, the company conducted research into the European and Middle Eastern market and identified the most suitable vehicle models for serial production.

Thus, among the most in-demand SkyWay passenger models was the Unicar with the capacity of 6 people or more and the Unibus with the capacity of over 48 people. The freight direction was represented by the Unicont for transportating sea containers.

Separately, for serial production there was chosen the Uniflash, the SkyWay transport with the capacity of 6 people or more, which can transport passengers at the speed of 300-500 kph.

Intellectual Property

In 2020, Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. obtained 26 new international patents and registered 13 trademarks.

The company also confirmed and renewed its ISO 14001 Environmental Compliance Certificate, which allows to reduce environmental impact while maintaining cost-effective production.

By 2020, the design and production processes of the SkyWay transport solutions had been transferred to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, developed by French developers Dassault Systèmes.

You can read the full version of the article about the SkyWay project on the website of «Kommersant».

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