The 8th International Exhibition of Products and Technologies for City Electric Transport and Subways “ElectroTrans 2018” took place in Moscow at the Sokolniki Exhibition Center on 16-17 May. This year, the exhibition “ElectroTrans” was held simultaneously with the 12th International¬† Exhibition of Information Technologies and Electronics for Passenger Transport “Electronics-Transport 2018”.

During the seminar organized in the framework of the exhibition, the conditions for the sustainable development of the existing electric transport systems and the prospects for creating prerequisites for the emergence of a new formation in the cities of Russia, such as electric buses, high-speed LRT (Light Rail Transport), new models of trams, small electric mobility, and the string transport were discussed. The seminar participants received information about changes in the legislation and about measures to stimulate the renewal of the rolling stock. These changed are being prepared following the results of the meeting of the State Council Presidium for the development of passenger transportation in the regions of the Russian Federation, held in Ulyanovsk last autumn.  The meeting was devoted to strengthening the legal, economic base of passenger enterprises and public control measures.

In the State Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the necessity to develop a strategic vision of how passenger transportation will develop in Russia in the medium-term and longer-term perspective; which trends, including the world ones, are being formed in this segment and will determine the development of public transport in the next 10-15 years. The President drew attention to the need of developing more environmentally friendly and efficiently advantageous technologies, the use of new energy sources and the use of unmanned vehicles.

The president of the International Academy of Transportation Victor Dosenko stated that the use of unmanned vehicles on the Moscow Central Ring will increase the level of safety. He noted that circular and even closed routes are served by unmanned vehicles in the world practice, and today, it quite fits into the paradigm of modern transport.

In addition to unmanned trains on the MCR, the speaker also suggested building a SkyWay cable car circular route at VDNH, so that visitors could easier reach different points of the park.

Victor Dosenko also noted that the city electric transport industry is developing every day, therefore it is important to adopt a program of actions to expand the electric transport sphere, taking into account the interests of all participants in the movement.


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