The Coordinator of the target project «SkyWay – Ekaterinburg» Arkadiy Biryukov was on the air in the program « Everybody – to the Garden» on the radio station «Silver Rain».

Arkadiy Biryukov told presenter Alexander Tsarikov about the SkyWay technology and main advantages of the string transport: efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety. The guest of the programme outlined how the string transport infrastructure in Ekaterinburg might look like and answered the listeners’ questions. Among other things, Arkadiy Biryukov informed where the SkyWay transport tests were being conducted:

«We have test sites in Belarus and Arab Emirates. Four types of the rolling stock have been certified by the Research Institute of the City Electric Transport. This transport can already be built.»

In Ekaterinburg, the SkyWay project is being developed not only by Arkadiy Biryukov. Earlier, we have already told you about the students of Ural Federal University who write scientific papers about the string transport.


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