Anatoliy Yunitskiy has sent a petition for including the string transport in the Law “On Road Traffic”.The author of the string transport concept and General Designer of CJSC “String Technologies” Anatoliy Yunitskiy noted that the string transport system already exists, and the first samples of the rolling stock, unibus and unibike, have already passed certification, in his letter to Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Lieutenant General Igor Shunevich.

Based on the fact that the string transport is almost ready to work in the transport system of the country, Anatoliy Yunitskiy petitions to include the regulations on the transport of the “second” level, the unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels, moving on a special rail-string flyover, in particular, in the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On road traffic”. As emphasized in the letter, this addition corresponds to the world trends, in which electric vehicles, including unmanned ones, become road users.

In the framework of public discussions, only questions of new small transport are affected so far. For quads and all-terrain vehicles, there will be introduced new categories, H  and I, respectively. One will be able to drive them from the age of 17.

The theme of legitimizing new modes of transport are now being discussed increasingly, especially for driverless cars. So, on 16 May, in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, there was held a discussion “Unmanned vehicles in Russia: the necessary regulation to ensure technological leadership”, at which the experts discussed the possibility of testing unmanned vehicles on public roads; passenger and pedestrian safety issues; the development of road infrastructure; and bringing the developing Russian legislation in the field of unmanned vehicles in line with international standards.  The participants of the discussion came to the conclusion that the regulation of unmanned vehicles in Russia at this stage needs serious elaboration.

At the same time, in the US, where the main companies producing unmanned vehicles are located, the legislation is already beginning to adapt to new challenges:  in some of the states, a legal definition of an “autonomous control system” has already appeared, which should allow licensing of driverless cars. At the moment, the laws on the regulation of unmanned vehicles have already been signed in 22 states and in the capital district of Columbia.

It is worth noting that many of the problems associated with the legislative regulation of driverless cars are not analogous to the string transport: an additional level of safety is provided by the raising the transport flow to the light above-the-ground flyover. Read an article about the advantages of the string transport due to this approach.


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