The construction of the EcoTechnoPark, the complex tests of the transport systems in it, and certification of a number of samples of the rolling stock confirmed the SkyWay technology’s functionality and efficiency of the engineering solutions on its base.

The agreements reached at the current stage, show a high demand for the technology. And given its environmental and social potential, it will grow steadily over the coming decades, providing favorable conditions for the exponential development of the transport services market.

The SkyWay Group of Companies has made a breakthrough in the transport industry and was able to move to a new phase of development, which requires a different approach to financing, as innovative as the technology itself. In order to create a global system for the production of the “green” energy and environmentally friendly transport and TransNet infrastructure complex, the Group of Companies decided to issue tokens.

The SkyWay tokens will be released into free circulation simultaneously with the launch of the company’s own blockchain platform, designed to become the basis of the data collection, management and calculation system within the global energy and transport network being created.  The comprehensive development of the Transnet network will provide capitalization of the tokens, and their owners will be able to receive income from implemented projects that use the SkyWay string transport.

In appreciation, at the first stage of introducing tokens into circulation, the SkyWay group of companies offers an exclusive opportunity to purchase them with a maximum discount for their first investors, thanks to whom the technology could be brought to the present stage of development.

The advantage provided to investors by reinvesting SkyWay shares in the SkyWay tokens is the opportunity to generate profits from all projects implemented using the SkyWay technology, and not only from co-owning the technology, and, therefore, increasing the return on initial investment without additional investments.  In addition, after releasing tokens into free circulation, they can be profitably sold on the free market, which will also be the capitalization of investments in shares.

The possibility of selling the SkyWay shares for money is provided only to the very first 5,000 investors who have joined the SkyWay project since 2013.  Thus, the group of companies expresses its gratitude to those people who supported the technology at the very beginning of its development, when there was no EcoTechnoPark, no design offices, no production, no transport complexes.   Then, the first investors were given a maximum discount of up to 1: 3500.  Now, there is an opportunity to receive income from this investment, having increased the capital invested in technology up to 35 times.

To clarify the mechanism by which the offer works, we will answer a few basic questions:

What are SkyWay tokens?

It is a modern investment tool based on the blockchain technology. The project with the help the tokens’ sale will be able to provide its financing, and people who will act as investors through the purchase of the tokens will be able to replenish their investment portfolio with another promising asset. There are many examples of how the tokens sold at a bargain price have repeatedly increased in price over time.

Who can exchange shares for tokens? And who will be able to sell shares for money?

The opportunity to exchange shares for the SkyWay tokens is provided to the first 50,000 investors. In its turn, the sale of shares will be available only to the first 5,000 SkyWay investors: in such a way, the Group of Companies expresses its gratitude to those people who supported the technology at the very beginning of its development.

What is the point of changing shares for tokens? 

This is an opportunity to get a new investment instrument at your disposal. The SkyWay tokens will eventually be traded on the free market, and their value will grow along with the company’s success.

What are the restrictions on the exchange and sale of shares?

The first 50,000 investors will have the opportunity to exchange shares in the amount of 100,000 for tokens or refuse to participate in the offer. The first 5,000 investors will additionally have the opportunity to sell 100,000 shares for money. It is important to note that in case of refusal to participate in the offer, the investor will not be able to change his/her decision.

How long will the offer last?

The offer will be valid for one month from the date of its announcement.



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