On TED official YouTube channel, there was released the speech of Hussain Al Mahmoudi, Executive Director of Sharjah Research and Technology Park (SRTIP), under the title «Creating an Ecosystem of Innovations».

In his speech, Mr. Al-Mahmoudi spoke about the projects that are developing in the Technology Park and he, in particular, mentioned the SkyWay project:

«Another example I mentioned is — SkyWay, a company that is implementing next generation transport and logistics. It will be the technology, produced and developed in Sharjah, that will redefine the industry and transportation industries not only in Sharjah but also across the Middle East.

TED is a private non-profit foundation that organizes annual conferences on a variety of topics. In their time, Bill Gates, physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking, writer Richard Dawkins and rock singer Bono were TED lecturers.

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=699

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