The R&D-Centre of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. in Sharjah started operating a test section of a 400-meter-long string route. Here is a short overview of the article published on the official website of the company.

  • The start of operation will help to work out the functioning of the track in the daytime and at night, the timetable of passenger and freight vehicles, the work of the operators of the complex and maintenance issues.
  • The transportation complex at the Sharjah R&D-Centre allows Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. to offer promising customers a ready-made product for application in the tropics.
  • Representatives of delegations at the Sharjah R&D-Centre are showing great interest in UST electric transport, because it meets the requirements of linear cities, the construction of which the local authorities are interested in.
  • The construction of 1 km of the string route, taking into account the infrastructure, costs about $ 4 million. It’s three times less compared to monorails and twice cheaper compared to railways or highways.

The UST Sharjah Transport Complex is intended for certification of three transport directions in the MENA region: passenger (Unicar®, Unibus®), cargo (Unicont®), high-speed (Unilet™).


The start of operation was commented on by Nadezhda Kosareva, the CEO of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc:

«This is another step towards the practical implementation of our technology and global expansion with a ready-made, tested and certified product. We are glad that the years of hard work are beginning to show results, and are embodied in real projects at an international level».

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