The SkyWay Information Service has placed in the magazine «Transport strategy – XXI century» the article  «String Technologies: Tenfold Growth and New Achievements». The material was published for the anniversaries of the Transport Department and the Federal Agency of the Ministry of Transport.

The authors of the article reported on the successes of the company from the beginning since its inception. By 2019, the SkyWay project had had its own production facilities and developed 11 string transport models, 5 of which received certificates of compliance. There have been created two modifications of the Unicar: a single and a three-part articulated ones. Four more rail vehicles are under development. The authors also pointed out the cooperation of the company with the Arab Emirates, where the SkyWay Research Centre (SWIC) is being built. All types of transport complexes will be built on the area of 28 hectares: mounted and suspended, monorail and double-rail, with flexible, semi-rigid and rigid track structure. In the UAE, SkyWay will present not only test tracks, but also a fully functional transport system:

«A full-fledged infrastructure of city complexes, including boarding stations, turnstiles and ticketing systems will be implemented on the territory of SWIC.»


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