The development of the SkyWay project in the UAE continues to be covered by various media resources. We already reported about the recent publications by Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

The portal, which covers the development of development projects and innovation technologies in the Middle East region, published an article, in which it wrote about the SkyWay construction at the SRTI Park in Sharjah:

«…The AI-based driverless pods on string tracks, which ferry people and cargo, are low cost and energy efficient. The Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park’s (SRTI Park) hanging track transport system is the SkyWay project, which is being developed by SkyWay Technologies».

It has completed 80% of Phase 1 and has begun Phase 2 of development, which will involve driverless pods, called «unicars»:, transport passengers and cargo on cables suspended across elevated corridors», — highlights the author of the publication.

A separate news story about the string transport has also been posted on the official YouTube channel of the portal:

Information portal has posted a publication dedicated to the start of the Unicar running tests in Sharjah:

«Sharjah has started testing a 2.5-km-long suspended track holding passenger sky pods that could one day be used to revolutionise transport in the region.

The driverless track will hold passenger and cargo pods and should be completed within six months. The action is all currently taking place at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park)», — according to the SkyWay developer.

In addition, innovative SkyWay transport systems were presented to the Senior Trade Commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada in Dubai and the US-UAE Business Council.

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