The English-language website published an article on the construction of SkyWay in the United Arab Emirates. We offer a brief summary of the article.

At the beginning of the article, the authors of highlighted the achievements of the project at the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah:.

«In October 2018, Unitsky SkyWay Technologies Co. agreed with SRTI Park on the construction of the test site for the project. The company started the experimental stage of the above-ground transport system creation and demonstrated the passenger module on the 400-metre-long track in October 2019. As of January 2020, the company-developer has completed 80% of the SkyWay project Phase 1. Currently, there is being implemented the second stage.»

Further on, the authors of the resource gave a brief description of the project of the SkyWay track in Dubai:

«The city transit project proposes the creation of the 15-km long above-ground rail track, which will transport passengers and cargo through 21 stations. It will also link the key areas such as Business Bay, Dubai Centre (Downtown Dubai) and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

In conclusion, the journalists described how the SkyWay track project in Dubai can solve the city’s transport problems:  

«The SkyWay Dubai project will be implemented in order to solve transport problems and to achieve the UAE government’s goal of converting 25% of all transport to autonomous operation by 2030. The SkyWay project meets Dubai’s future mobility needs. This system requires less land and infrastructure and consumes almost five times less energy than electric vehicles. It is also in line with the strategy of the UAE Government “Smart City Dubai”.»

There is also a separate page on the Railway Technology website about SkyWay, where you can find more articles about the project in English.

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