The YouTube channel of Sharjah Research and Technology Park (SRTI Park) has released a report by the French TV channel France 2 titled «Transport of the Future».

The video showed the tests of the Tropical Unicar, about which the film crew was told by Oleg Zaretskiy, CEO of uSky Transport. According to the specialist, the Unicar will help relieve passenger traffic on the roads and make travel in and between cities more comfortable.

In addition, Oleg Zaretskiy demonstrated the room from which the automatic transport operation is monitored. Up to 100 SkyWay models can be monitored from that room at a time.

But most importantly, the reportage showed the running tests of the SkyWay container transporter on the 400-metre light track. The presenter highlighted that it costs only $1 per 100 ton-kilometres to transport goods. This advantage is also indicated on the container transporter itself.

The reportage ended with a short interview with SRTI Park CEO Hussain Al Mahmoudi. According to him, the Park, where the SkyWay tests are being carried out now, hosts technology that could help the UAE move from an oil-based economy to a knowledge-based and innovation-based economy by 2030. Mr Al Mahmoudi also stated that the cities in the UAE could be the first ones to implement the string transport before this technology appears in other countries around the world.

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