The SkyWay high-speed ùnibus was demonstrated to the public only a month ago. Its unique characteristics are especially those related to aerodynamics, which is the result of the long and fruitful work of CJSC “String Technologies”, and their ability to find the optimal solution for the high-speed transport of this format. The work of the engineers has been a secret for a long time because such developments will interest our competitors.

Now, when the presentation has passed and the company has obtained the necessary patents, we can detail you more about this module.

Anatoliy Yunitskiy shares the story why the high-speed unibus has not been shown to the public for so long, and what kind of difficulties with testing has been overcome by the company. To make the explanations as clear as possible, we have prepared for you a short glossary (it is under this video) of the technical terminology used in this interview.

The wind tunnel is a technical device designed to simulate the impact of the environment on the object moving in it.  It consists of one or several fans, which pump the air into the tunnel, where the model of the object is, thus creating the effect of movement of the object in the air at high speed.

A midsection, longitudinal section (from the Dutch word “middel”, literally-middle) is the largest cross-section of the object, moving in water or air.  Simply put, it is the largest width of the vehicle.  The bigger it is, the more resistance the object has to overcome when driving.

The aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cx) is a value reflecting the ratio of the frontal drag force to the multiplication of dynamic high-speed headwork on the cross-sectional area. The lower the value of this coefficient, the better the aerodynamics of the vehicle is worked out.

As the video showed, the vehicle appearance determines the vehicle’s aerodynamic properties, and therefore, effects its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Moreover, good design affects the ergonomics, i.e. how easy it is to use a vehicle.

The video below specifies what the main criteria for the SkyWay design are, and what the string transport developers focus on when creating their concepts



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