The management of Unitsky String Technologies Co. has given the Unimobile project to another company. It will take too much time and resources to launch mass production of the new vehicle. More detailed information about the reasons for the transaction was provided by the representatives of the company-developer of the string transport:.

 «We decided that it was necessary to focus directly on the creation of the string transport and the entire infrastructure. Therefore, the finalization and mass production of the Unimobile will be carried out by the other organization. This project was given to it on special terms, which now constitute a trade secret. For us, the main thing is that the work on mobility of people with disabilities does not stop and certain results are achieved».

The Unimobile is an electric vehicle for people with limited mobility. The prototype of the Unimobile was presented at the exhibition in Moscow in 2018.

The work on the unimobile was carried out simultaneously with the development of the SkyWay rolling stock. The technology of the string transport became the basis of the electric car. The project was to become a socially demanded product and create a new segment in the market of services for people with limited mobility.


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