The website of the Vietnamese edition Giao Duc Thoi Dai released a publication about the advantages of SkyWay transport and the prospects of the project in the UAE. This publication is based on a CNN article dated July 22.

Authors of Giao Duc Thoi Dai highly appreciated the salon of the Tropical Unicar. According to the journalists, a trip in such transport is similar to flying on a plane in a first class. This is possible due to comfortable leather chairs, high-quality speakers and windows with good visibility.

The Tropical Unicar is equipped with a refrigerator and a 32-inch screen.

In addition to the design, the journalists noted the effectiveness of SkyWay. The article mentions that the SkyWay city transport network can handle 10,000 passengers per hour. Wherein, the movement will occur above the ground, which will free up space for agriculture, trees or walking paths.

The authors of the article also talked about plans for the development of SkyWay. Among them is the completion of the construction of a 2.4 km test track at the UST, Inc. Centre in Sharjah and the signing of a contract for the first targeted project by the end of the year. In addition, the company received a preliminary permit for the construction of a highway in the city of Khor Fakkan.

Let us remind you that recently, members of the SWC Board Frantisek Solar and Vladimir Maslov visited Vietnam, where they discussed the development of SkyWay with representatives of the government and large companies. In July, the report on the trip was presented to the founder of the project Anatoli Unitsky.

SWC representatives at a meeting with Anatoli Unitsky after a trip to Vietnam

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!


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