The leading Russian business publication Ā«VedomostiĀ»Ā published an articleĀ on why the string technologies could change the market of transport systems.

According to the authors of the material, one of the main advantages of the string technologies is the low cost of construction and operation with complete environmental friendliness and safety.

For example, the construction of 1 kilometer of the string flyover costs $1 million. That is 3-5 times lower than the construction of the most affordable transport systems like motor roads, railroads or tramways.

The string technologies at the same time retain all the advantages of modern environmental transport. For example, the flyover being above the ground, allows to lay a track even in a densely populated city without changing the existing infrastructure. And the use of an electric motor helps reduce the transportā€™s harmful impact on the environment.

The article also highlight that the string transport makes it possible to reduce the cost of freight transportation: twice as much as compared to railroads and three times as much as compared to automobiles. The most promising model in this direction could be Unicont, the freight string transport for transporting containers.

Another direction where the cost of constructing the string tracks is significantly lower than its competitors is high-speed transport. 1 kilometer of such a track will cost $5 million. For comparison, Nadezhda Kosareva (Š”Š•Šž, Unitsky String Technologies, Inc) points out that the construction of a high-speed mainline in Europe costs much more – $30 million for 1 kilometer.

You can read the full article onĀ the site of Ā«VedomostiĀ» publication.

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