Uber in London is not safe

London Transport Regulator has detected errors in the Uber system.

Aerotaxi in Singapore

In Singapore, the test station of the German startup Volocopter taxi was closed. In this article, you will get to know what the project managers were inspired by and when the aerotaxi will reappear in Singapore.

Choosing an air vehicle

We’re looking at who’s developing the air vehicles now, and when they’ll be available for buying.

How methane engines can save money

Yandex.Taxi will launch a special environmental tariff for NGV vehicles.

The Future of Vehicles with Alternative Energy Sources

The author of the article describes the prospects of mass production of cars, running on electricity and methane.

Abandonment of personal transport in favour of a transportation service provider

How to implement the MAAS concept in the state and why to do it.

How technologies fight traffic jams and offenders

How «smart» traffic lights and sensors in asphalt make our cities safer.

Does solar energy have a future in Russia?

We are describing scenarios of solar energy development in Russia.

Bill Gates on what’s supposed to save the planet from global warming

The entrepreneur explains why we cannot rely only on renewable energy sources.

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=669

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