The SkyWay Information Service launches a new format – the world news digest. It will help you to get to know the main events in the world of technologies that can affect the company.

The SkyWay development has always been related to global trends in ecology and transport. Not so long ago, you could read about transport restrictionsurbanization, and stages of artificial intelligence development. Now, you’ll find all the key news in one place.

We offer to read 10 latest news from the world of technologies and transport:

  1. Hydrogen transport instead of electric transport. Prospects, opportunities and rationale for choice.
  2. Study on the potential for electrification of freight transport within the port area in Rotterdam.
  3. The first electric plane from NASA.
  4. In Bristol, there was introduced a ban on diesel fuel for private cars in the city centre and harbour area every day from 7:00 to 15:00.
  5. In Singapore, it will be prohibited to ride on electric scooters on pedestrian sidewalks.
  6. U.S. lawmakers are implementing the Vision Zero Act to prevent transport-related fatalities.
  7. In Sydney, it is planned to electrify public transport.
  8. Innovation and safety: creating a safer road transport ecosystem.
  9. Google has created a free online tool to help cities measure, plan and reduce carbon emissions and pollution.
  10. Denmark and 10 other EU member states have called on the EU to ban the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2040 to combat climate change.


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