The representatives of the Swedish metallurgical company SSAB, which supplies the metal for manufacturing the string transport tracks, visited the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark on May 29. We are giving the floor to our guests who speak about the aim of their visit and their impressions.

Pavel Galaburda, Regional Manager of the SSAB Europe Representative Office in Belarus:

“We love and appreciate our key clients, one of which is the company “String technology”. The purpose of our visit is to find out possible problems and needs in the supply of the metal. Of course, I was eager to see what is happening there with my own eyes. When it all began, the media was skeptical about the project, and some skeptical notes still sound in media even now.  But, first of all, the project leaves no one indifferent, and secondly, it is alive and developing.  The vehicles ride and everything looks great!  We are focused on niche products: special steels, for this reason, we are looking for interesting customers who are implementing unique projects. I predict the expansion of the product range, in other words, we are strengthening the cooperation in all directions, which is very nice. Naturally, we believe in the project’s prospects and look forward to your successful commercial launching, when your transport will be seen in action. The main thing is to start! And we are ready to support.”

Vadim Pikalov, Director of SSAB Europe Sales, Russia, and CIS:

“I was happy to see this testing ground. We started to interact with “String technologies” when it was all still in the project stage, now we can see the result, which, of course, is absolutely impressive! It is a progressive area in Belarus, where we saw interesting options for transporting people and cargo in the future. Therefore, the impressions are really good, and we would like to wish the company good luck in further advancing these technologies into the world. One of the absolute priorities of the SSAB company is the production of high quality and environmentally friendly products. We plan to completely abandon the use of coking coal in the production, fully switch to hydrogen raw materials and, consequently, reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere to zero by 2045. These plans have been worked out theoretically, and we have already started the practical implementation of this project.

As we understand it, the company “String technology” also bases its activities on the ecological component in its activity, so, we are very similar, which impresses us. Certainly, safety and environmental friendliness are the main priorities of the company in supplying the quality products! Our priority is the consumers, who manufacture high-tech end product from our metal, so we would very much like to continue cooperation with the company “String technologies”, and I’m sure we will continue our collaboration because we have a lot in common. A few years ago, there were some doubts about the feasibility of your project because of its grandeur, but now it is very nice that they vanished, and there is confidence that this transport will be popular, in demand, i.e. implemented in full force. Naturally, we expect some dividends, but what is more important is our direct participation in the project, which, in the future, and we are sure in that, will glorify you and us!”


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