The SkyWay project continues to build up a range of models, and not only transport modules, but also the track structure: in addition to the Uniwind, a new model of rolling stock presented to the public at EcoFest 2018, tests of a new super-light version of string roads at the EcoTechnoPark have recently started.

“Despite the fact that the track is super-light and has a small load capacity, it can solve serious problems. Such tracks can be paved to any village, settlement, to any country house, to cross all rivers, as there could be constructed  2 or 3-km spans. In fact, it is analogous to people’s cars of Soviet times such as “Zhiguli” and “Zaporozhets” – cheap and simple in manufacturing, which for many remained the only affordable vehicle “,- that is how SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy commented the novelty at the EcoFest.

The Head of the Administration on track infrastructure, rigging, & testing equipment Yury Kashchuk gives us a report detailing the purpose of the new track, its features & benefits.


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