We offer a summary of the interview with Alexey Savin, Director of «SV-PLANT» LLC, a company that is engaged in the production of equipment of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc.

What is the SkyWay production’s area?

It is just over 7,000 m². About 4,000 m² of which is the production area directly for equipment and assembly shops.

How advanced is the production facility?

We try to equip our production facilities with the very latest technology. We follow global innovations and attend trade shows. Even though some countries are closed and trade shows have been canceled due to the pandemic, we try to stay up-to-date online and offline with the latest technology and machinery.

What kind of works can be done at the manufacturing?

We have competencies in welding, metal cutting, laser cutting, metalworking, plastic fabrication, electric actuators, batteries, inverters and polymer casting.

We have six machining centres in operation, one of which has no analogues in Belarus. Besides, we have three 3D printers where we partially manufacture interior and exterior transport parts.

We have very well-developed cooperation with enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, which allows us to perform tasks that cannot be implemented in our production. We are able to execute the first orders and projects on our premises. Of course, we will have to hire people for the second and the third shifts, but we have enough competence to move to mass production.

What kind of software do you use?

We are moving to sketchless technologies and working on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform of the well-known company Dassault Systèmes, whose products are for the development of design, technical, and technological documentation as well as the launch of products manufacturing.

What allows to deliver a high level of manufacturing excellence?

This is the support of our founders and management, who invest both with funds and provide various moral and material benefits, including through the organization of recreation areas and sports entertainment areas. The team is built on the fact that in addition to work we can have a good rest. People hold on to this work and strive to implement the project.

In addition, at the interview, Alexey Savin demonstrated the SkyWay high-speed transportation interior, electric Unibus drives, and the new reclining-sliding door system for the future SkyWay models.

Interview with English subtitles:

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