The 7th International Congress and exhibition on green energy opened up on June 24, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. This event brought together representatives of the scientific community and business in the field of green energy, wind and solar power generation from around the world. It was attended by representatives from the EU, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Romania.

At the Congress, Kiryl Badulin, Deputy Director General for business development of SkyWay Technologies Co., made a report “Innovative SkyWay transport system as a possible solution within the framework of the green mobility initiative”. It should be noted that “Green mobility” is part of the UN program “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG), in which SkyWay is included among partners and experts.

Alongside with the presentation in the framework of the forum SkyWay Technologies Co. has displayed its stand on the innovative SkyWay transport system. The monograph by Anatoly Yunitski “String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space” was also briefly presented to the scientific community at the forum. The report was accepted with great interest by all participants of the conference. As a result of the forum, Kiryl Badulin was awarded 2 certificates – for delivering his report and demonstration of the stand at the 7th International Congress and exhibition on green power generation.

The speech at the 7th International Congress on green power generation is an element of a new approach to the promotion of SkyWay project in the international arena. If in 2017-2018 the promotion of SkyWay technology was carried out mainly within the framework of international exhibitions, it was decided to focus in 2019 on international forums and conferences on various subjects. Previously, information about the participation of Maria Dunaeva, analyst at the Department of targeted projects, at the InOut-2019 forum in Rennes, France, focused on transport mobility was posted. At the end of June, String Technologies was presented at the 25th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment. Representatives of SkyWay Technologies Co. are also planning to attend other forums and conferences until the end of 2019, this will be reported in our news.


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