The SkyWay technology was presented at the international forum «InOut 2019», which was held from 28 March to 31 March, 2019, in the French city of Rennes. The main subjects of the forum were new developments in the field of high technologies, digitalization, analysis of new industries and the transport sector development.

According to the organizers, the forum «inOut 2019» was positioned as an interactive platform where startups, along with users, can test ideas, inventions and prototypes before their commercial implementation.

Mariya Dunayeva, an analyst of the SkyWay company – developer’s Department of Targeted Projects, was among the speakers of the event. She reported the audience about the string transport systems and the prospects of the SkyWay technology.

«I would like to briefly introduce you to SkyWay Technologies Co. We have been developing the author’s technology of the string flyovers since 2015. Now we represent the fourth generation of the string technologies.

Everyone knows the problems of modern transport in our cities: traffic jams, accidents, harmful emissions and the high cost of building transport infrastructure. SkyWay Technologies Co. offers the aboveground transport system as a single solution to these problems. It will provide several global advantages, such as sustainability, high speed, safety, accessibility and comfort […]

What do we offer? The whole range of design and construction work for the transport flyover, rolling stock and infrastructure (stations, maintenance points and intelligent control system). We design both passenger and cargo transport systems: urban, suburban, long-distance high-speed and cargo types of transport…»


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