On June 27, 2019, SkyWay crypto platform began its operation. In the future it should provide an effective interaction of all elements in string transport and infrastructure complexes on the basis of the multifunctional payment and information unit – SkyWay token (SWT).

The platform is functioning normally starting from July 1, 2019, after the end of beta-testing period. SkyWay investors, who previously converted part of their own investment portfolio into SkyWay tokens within the framework of a special promotion campaign, received a new financial asset at their disposal.

Naturally, the introduction of a new financial instrument has caused a lot of questions on the part of the investors’ community regarding the specific nature of its operation. We have collected a pool of answers to the most pressing questions from users.

Where can I see my e-wallet balance?

The tokens, accrued to the investors for the conversion of their investment shares, are on the Keeper holding contract. This smart contract contains individual balances, which have information on how many tokens each investor owns.

You can view the available balance of tokens, which you can write off in the future, through the section “Keeper” in your personal office, or through the application Block-Explorer.  

Why should the tokens be «frozen ?

For the the tokens of all holders not to enter the market at the same time and not have a negative impact on the exchange rate, the developers implemented a mechanism of the toĐşens’ even partial defrosting on the retention smart contract – Keeper’e.

For the investors, who participated in the exchange programme, receiving tokens on their e-wallets will be possible from the date of their partial unblocking –  1 July, 2020, and the full amount of tokens can be withdrawn from 1 July, 2021. All token transactions will be carried out via personal office of the platform SkyWay Global.

When can the tokens be traded?

Tokens will gradually “defreeze” starting from July 1, 2020. It will be possible to write off all tokens in full not earlier than July 1, 2021. Viewing the number of tokens available for writing off is carried out through the Keeper Dapp section in the personal account, or through the Etherscan block Explorer (WriteContract -> withdraw method). After receiving tokens from the holding contract, your wallet will be able to “see” the balance of tokens, and the user will get the opportunity to carry out all operations on their transactions, including trading at specialized platforms.

What determines the current cost of the token?

The actual SWT token rate as of July 2019, is the starting value, which will change as the tokens are placed on stock exchanges and the SkyWay project’s development.  Free turnover of the tokens on stock exchanges in the course of implementation of SkyWay’s transport infrastructure projects will ensure their capitalization and, accordingly, the growth of market value.

Among other things, token holders will have priority access to new investment projects with a certain discount at the time of entry, which will guarantee increase in the amount of dividends relative to the volume of the investment, compared to other participants.

On which exchange will the tokens be traded and when?

The tokens are blocked until 1 July, 2020. Starting from this date, the users will be able to partially write off their tokens from the holding contract and exchange them both on centralized exchanges (the list will be updated as they are listed) and on decentralized ones.

Is it possible to work in SWG’s personal office from a mobile phone?

The cryptoplatform is currently supported in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers with Metamask wallet plugin installed only on personal computers. Support for Brave and Opera mobile browsers for iOS and Android will be added by the developers soon.

I did not have time to exchange my investment shares for tokens. Will there be prolongation of the exchange offer?

In the near future, there are no new shares to exchange investment shares for tokens, but this is not excluded in the future.

I don’t have a button in my SkyWay Investor office (RSW, SWC, SWIG) to register at SWG.

You should go to site account.swg.io and enter your email, specified at the registration in the SkyWay investor’s personal office, where you previously exchanged your investment shares for tokens. The system will automatically redirect you to the password entry page to create a new account on the swg.io platform

Can I use one computer to work with multiple accounts on the SWG crypto platform?

The Metamask plugin has a function to create a new account (address) without using a new secret phrase. You can create a new address in Metamask, select it as your primary address and login to the system — the new address will be displayed in the login form field. In this case, you can restore access to both accounts using a single passphrase that was created when you registered your first account.

If you want to create two separate accounts, you can remove Metamask from your browser plugins and go through the process of creating and saving the secret phrase again, or use an alternate browser with Metamask installed (for example, the first one — Google Chrome, the second one – Mozilla Firefox). In this case, the accounts created will be completely independent of each other.

I didn’t download Metamask because I had an existing blockchain wallet, and I entered its number. There’s no difference, is there?

You can use an existing cryptographic wallet, provided that it supports calls of transactions to contracts. If you have a private key or passphrase from the address you have entered, you can then enter it into a supporting such calls wallet and access your funds.

When changing the password, I received an email to confirm it, but when I click on the link from the email, I get to the SWG platform authorization page.

Try to click again on the button «Register» on the page https://account.swg.io/auth/login You should receive the repeated message with a link to change your password. If this doesn’t help, please contact technical support on the site.

We continue to receive feedback from users regarding the SkyWay cryptographic platform. Questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to the address: support@swg.io.

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=503

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