In the latest issue of Atlas, the official magazine of Etihad Airways, there has been published an article (page 80) about the development of the SkyWay in the United Arab Emirates:

Ā«Despite the widespread use of noiseless, driverless above-the-ground vehicles (what we used to call monorails) in science fiction for decades, they are still rare in cities. But this flight of fancy is about to become a reality in one of Dubai’s most futuristic cities.

The modules of Dubai Sky Pods was presented by the Transport Management of this city (RTA) at the World Government Summit in February in the framework of the project on the development of elegant, high-speed and energy-efficient systems of the flyover type for quick and comfortable travel in DubaiĀ».

Etihad Airways is a national airline of the United Arab Emirates with a Headquarter in Abu Dhabi. The airline operates more than 1,000 flights per week to more than 120 destinations for passengers and cargo in the middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and America, with a fleet of 117 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.


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