On 16 February, SKY WAY CAPITAL Board Members met with infrastructure entrepreneurs Alfred Kidjo and BenoƮt Akundo from the African Republic of Benin in Antwerp, Belgium, and discussed the SkyWay project prospects in the African region.

Mr. Kidjo is professionally engaged in the transport sector in Benin for a European airline Brussels Airlines, and Mr. Akundo is an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Benin in Belgium.

What was behind the arrangement of this meeting?

Not so long ago, Alfred Kidjo met with the President and Minister of Transport of Benin and discussed air transport in the country. The subject of their conversation was searching for solutions to the transport problems of Benin. Mr. Kidjo considered string transport to be a possible solution.

He met with SkyWay investor Kaat Jacobs, who spoke about the benefits of the string transport, and a few days later Alfred enlisted BenoƮt Akundo to cooperate.

The final of the story, at which Alfred and BenoƮt were able to ask their questions about the string transport technology to Board Members of SKY WAY CAPITAL, took place on 16 February in Antwerp.

What is happening after that?

There is planned a meeting of the African guests with the representatives of CJSC Ā«String TechnologiesĀ» and, if it is necessary, with Anatoliy Yunitskiy.

Alfred Kidjo and BenoĆ®t Akundo will receive all necessary information about possible solutions to their country’s transport problems with the help of the SkyWay project and will go home to offer them to the President and Minister of Transport of Benin.

Original:Ā https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=381

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