The SkyWay Information Service showed an interview of Mikhail Kirichenko with the Head of the technical supervision department of Unitsky String Technologies Co. Andrey Barkun. Shooting took place at the construction site of the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah. In his interview, Andrey Barkun explained how the 400-meter track structure had been constructed.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • The construction work was being conducted day and night.
  • The specialists from Belarus and the United Arab Emirates were participating in the construction of the track.
  • At present, the construction of the passenger section is nearing completion.

Andrey Barkun also spoke about the difference between anchor and intermediate supports in Sharjah and similar elements at the EcoTechnoPark. The main feature of the intermediate supports in the UAE is stylization as Arabic ligature. In its turn, the characteristics of the anchor supports are close to the Belarusian ones in order to develop a unified standard for future projects.

According to Andrey Barkun, delegations of transport authorities from different emirates and students of American University in Sharjah, who will become the string transport engineers, have already visited the Innovation Centre.

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