SWS is a security token that is a digital asset and will be used to implement the SmartWorld program.

The SmartWorld program is an innovative «green» technologies in the transport, logistics, production, and energy infrastructure, aimed at creating the technological foundation for the safe and harmonious development of mankind for decades to come. The first stage and the basis of the SmartWorld program is Unitsky String Transport.

The SWS launch campaign is now in the image marketing phase of the token. Technical and legal preparations are being finalized.

SWS token holders become partners in SWS General LP (Exempted Limited Partnerships). The General partner of SWS General LP is string transport author Anatoli Unitsky.

In June, Dr. Unitsky published an article on the website of NASDAQ regarding blockchain technologies and the SWS token.

Funds from the sale of SWS security tokens will be an asset of the partnership and will be provided to companies to develop and implement components of the SmartWorld program:

‒ Research and development works to improve the string transport;

‒ Production of unmanned transport;

‒ Construction of infrastructure and test sites;

‒ Creating the structural and software components of the linear city;

‒ Environmental and energy-efficient soil fertility and eco-housing projects;

‒ Development and implementation of artificial intelligence components;

‒ Creation of a data processing centre and cloud solutions;

‒ Other SmartWorld activities.

The interaction between the SWS token and the SWG token, which was launched in 2019 for use in future targeted projects, is anticipated, but we will report more about this once the SWS security token has been launched. That said, the SWS token is not associated with another security token for future targeted commercial projects, the SWX token.

SWC investors will be the first ones to be informed and able to purchase tokens in their personal offices. The exact launch date of the token is not yet known. When we have more information, we will let you know. Stay tuned for updates in the «News» section.

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