The SkyWay Group of Companies announces the successful completion of the 12th stage of development and the transition to the 13th stage. TheĀ current discount will be decreased.

What is important: the current development project stage and the initiation of new activities lead to the growth of the investment attractiveness of SkyWay Group of Companies. Taking these circumstances into account and having the investors’ interests in mind, the management made a decision about the gradual discount decrease. For this reason, stage 13 will be divided into several sub-stages, within which the current discount will be gradually decreasing. In such a way, investors will be able to more flexibly plan their investment strategies.

The transition to the new stage was made possible thanks to a number of achievements of the SkyWay Group of Companies. There have been established partnerships with new countries and regions. Cooperation with the representatives of the business community and the authorities of the UAE, which today have become a key area of cooperation for the Group of Companies, has reached a new level: the construction of the SkyWay Innovation Center has commenced in the Sharjah Emirate by the American University of Sharjah.

The new models of the rolling stock have been released and successfully tested – Unicar and double-rail Unibus; a number of innovations in the field of security systems, power supply, automatic control systems, tooling and construction equipment have been introduced. At the exhibition Innotrans 2018, the flagship of the string transport – a high-speed unibus – has been shown for the first time. The world was also presented with a unique disabled vehicle, designed for people in wheelchairs: the Unimobile.

There has been started the creation of our own financial platform based on blockchain technologies: there has been announced issuing of tokens, a tool for the economic integration of targeted projects.

The proceeds from the pre-project activities, received by the Group of Companies, allowed organizing the redemption of a part of the investment shares for the first investors: this is how the project expressed gratitude to the people who supported it at the very beginning of development.

The transition to the new stage of development will take place on 12 DecemberĀ 2018, at 23.59 (MSK). The plans for stage 13 are as follows: the expansion of the project abroad and the further development of transport, energy and information technologies.



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