SkyWay Group of Companies announces about the transition to the next development substage: 13.3. The change of the substage, as well as the reduction of the current discount is on 11 June, 2019 at 11:59 MSK (Moscow time).

The transition to the final substage of the current stage 13 is due to a number of agreements with representatives of the business community and the UAE authorities, which are currently the key partners of the SkyWay Group of Companies in the international direction of its development. There are also established partnerships with new countries and regions.

The current 13th stage of the SkyWay development, unlike all the previous ones, was divided into several additional substages (3 all in all), within the framework of which the current discount was gradually reduced. This decision was made by the management in order to provide investors with an opportunity for more flexible planning of their own investment strategy in a context of the the SkyWay project’s growing investment attractiveness.

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!



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