On the website of the newspaper «Evening Moscow» there has been released the interview with the General Designer of Unitsky String Technologies Co. Anatoli Unitsky. We share the main subjects of this interview with you in our retelling. Read the full interview on the site «Evening Moscow»

About the String Transport

At the beginning of the interview, Anatoli Unitsky explained why the technology of the string transport had received such a name. According to the engineer, the SkyWay transport moves on rails, inside which there is a prestressed wire. Tensioning makes this wire look like a string.


Anatoli Unitskiy pointed out that the string transport is by 7 times more efficient than electric cars of modern manufacturers. That is possible thanks to the steel wheels of the string vehicles, whose surface contact area is smaller than that of rubber tyres.

About Transport Problems

According to Anatoli Unitsky, one of the main problems of transport is resistance of oncoming air. Solving this problem is hampered by the screen effect that occurs between the car and the road. Air swirls appear underneath the vehicle, reducing driving efficiency. To get rid of the screen effect, the transport should be raised above the ground, and then the aerodynamics will improve by 2.5 times.

About the Tests

The aerodynamic properties of the string transport are tested in the wind tunnel. The tests have shown that the SkyWay transport’s aerodynamics is better than that of sports car Bugatti which can reach speeds of 400 km/h.

About the Perspectives of the String Transport

At the end of the interview, Anatoli Unitsky said that in the future, the string transport would help to connect the cities in a single network. That will make it possible to develop even hard-to-reach regions, such as mining in areas where conventional transport cannot get to.

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