The World Government Summit was held in Dubai, the UAE, from 10th to 12th February. At the Summit, there were representatives from 140 countries, territories and international organizations, who were discussing innovations in science, technology, and global governance. Estonian prime minister JĂĽri Ratas also visited the summit.

The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum & the Crown Prince of Dubai with a SkyWay Unibike

The advanced developments that will determine and shape the future are traditionally presented at the Summit. The SkyWay string transport is among such developments this year. We are quoting the local media: Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Esquire Middle East, The National, Dubai Week and others:

«Imagine a jet-lagged and weary air passenger arriving in Dubai, getting off the plane, collecting luggage and then walking out to get a taxi. No passport checks, no visas issued, no security concerns. The ability of governments to communicate and share information, the ability of facial-recognition technology to accurately identify individuals, the ability of an array of biometric and other transponder-based technologies to work together — all makes a traveller’s arrival seamless, secure and already a reality at Dubai Airport.

That’s a system that was first theoretically raised at a previous gathering of the summit, and is now a reality. How about Sky Pods that link the skyscrapers of our cities, meaning there’s less traffic, less carbon footprint, less damage to our environment? These SkyWay rolling stock samples are on display now at the summit, and how long will it take for them to become as commonplace as taking a ride in a building’s lift?»

«Dubai welcomes the Sky Pods, the vehicles that will help shape the future of transportation in cities. The Sky Pods are designed to form a transport network for high-rises.

They occupy minimal footprint (land area), have high energy efficiency, use innovative railways and operate using an automated control system».

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum & the Ruler of Dubai

During the World Government Summit, UAE officials formulated the principles for the country’s future development, such as the construction of smart cities, environmental conservation and the development of renewable energy. The UAE government also plans to facilitate the support of the local talents in the IT sphere, inventions and technical education in the country.

The participants of the plenary session on the development of smart cities in the UAE, highlighted the importance of infrastructure projects. The UAE traditionally supports innovative transport developments that can provide the country with the world-class infrastructure. We remind you that this year, the Dubai Ministry of Transport (RTA), which supported the SkyWay project, will get 19% of the city budget at its disposal.

Innovations is the key word for the UAE, judging by the speeches at the Summit. The country even plans to introduce the position of «Director on Innovations» for each ministry during the year. The government has already signed a contract with the University of Cambridge on training sixty innovative managers there.

SkyWay Unibike U4-621


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