SkyWay is an innovative transport system that surpasses all the known means of transport in virtually every aspect. Belarusian engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy began developing SkyWay more than 40 years ago, the first sketches date back to 1975.

Today, Anatoly Yunitskiy, with a team of over 800 people, and with help of tens of thousands investors, has built a small futuristic village near Minsk, the capital of his homeland, where there is a pond to catch fish, orchards, berry bushes. In the village, everybody is welcome to ride the unique Skypods, characterized by beautiful looks, cutting edge safety, magnificent speeds and environmental friendliness. Everything that grows there, is fully organic!

At EcoTechnoPark, the development centre of SkyWay, which spans more than 35 hectares, everybody is welcome to firsthand experience the perks of the transport system created by Yunitskiy: a quiet glide in a comfortable salon, without worrying about accidents or congestion.

As thay say, big acts are sent by a big yoke and SkyWay is no exception here. By Yunitskiy, the system was ready for construction at the end of last century, but as the time was not yet ripe, project implementation has been delayed. Strangely active counterwork by media has surely helped to slow down the success of SkyWay. Fortunately, this has started to change recently.

Despite of a simple option to go and experience it all with their own skin, there are still 2 media outlets in Belarus, which to this day, with all their power, try to sabotage Yunitskiy’s success. Over the last 3 years, while Yunitskiy converted an old tank polygon into a modern ecovillage, these platforms have periodically published attacking and devastating articles aimed at giving readers the impression that a decades-long project is a simple scam. Meritorious inventor Yunitskiy, with about 70 patents on his name, is being depicted as a lying thief in the eyes of his fellow Belarusians. The journalists provide no evidence to confirm their claims.

At the end of last year, Yunitskiy was awarded the International Peace Prize of Slovakia

Anatoly Yunitskiy sent an open letter to the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, where he demanded that an investigation on these media publications was opened. SkyWay promises to radically change the global image of Belarus and therefore it is especially sad that the Belarusian media outlets are blurring the project and are trying to keep it back.

“Who profits from that, who pays for that, and why are the culprits not held responsible?”, Yunitskiy asks in his letter.

Anatoly Yunitskiy also initiated a petition calling for the investigation of portals and If you support objective media and a decades-long lifework of one man, please sign it HERE!

March 15th issue of Belarusian newspaper Narodnaya Gazeta

Author: Jan-Sander Simmerman

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